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5 Signs That Your Kitchen Appliance Experts Need Attention

With three meals a day and special dinners created on the weekends, your kitchen appliances work hard. But many homeowners overlook them when it comes to maintenance. Taking the time to make sure your appliances run smoothly will help them last longer, lower your energy costs, and prevent serious breakdowns and expensive replacements.

Here are the key signs that your appliances need attention:

1. Water Drops on Your Kitchen Floor
It’s natural to see a few drops of water on the linoleum by your sink, but an entire puddle suggests that there is an appliance issue. This could be as simple as a faulty dishwasher door gasket or a more serious problem with a broken heating element. Whether the problem is minor or severe, it’s important to call an appliance professional right away.

2. Strange Noises or Smells

If you hear odd sounds coming from your refrigerator, stovetop Your Kitchen Appliance Experts, or oven, it’s a good idea to call in an expert to investigate. They may recommend a simple repair or an upgrade to your appliance, depending on what they find. Appliance manufacturers are constantly improving their products, so an upgraded model can often be a great value for your money. Plus, you’ll be saving the environment and cutting down on waste when you choose a more efficient appliance over an old one.

3. A Faulty Electrical Cord or Internal Wiring

While most appliance manufacturers insulate and strengthen their electric cords and internal wiring, power issues can still arise from time to time. A faulty cord or a frayed wire can cause fire hazards. If you notice a burning smell or hear strange humming or buzzing noises, turn off the appliance immediately and contact a technician.

4. A Broken Stovetop

If your gas stove won’t ignite, turns off mid-cycle, or produces weak flames, it’s a clear sign that you need to call in a professional. A damaged or clogged burner can be dangerous, and leaving it unattended can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. A skilled technician can clean or replace your stovetop and get it back to working as normal.

5. An Inexpensive and Clear Solution to Breakdowns

If you want your appliances to last longer, it’s a good idea to invest in regular maintenance services. These include visual checks, basic cleanings, and a safety inspection.

A home warranty from 2-10 HBW is a cost-effective and easy way to cover your appliances against costly breakdowns. It also gives you access to exclusive perks like appliance discounts on top brands, so you can save more on your next appliance purchase. Visit our site to learn more about our comprehensive appliance plans.


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